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Kids Cross Safely
Rosanne Kirk started her campaign to provide a safe crossing outside her children's school in Lincoln. Her aims are ultimately the same as ours to prevent our children being injured and killed on the roads.
The UK has one of the highest child pedestrian injury and death rates in Western Europe and the developed world. This can no longer continue or be allowed. Most child pedestrian death or injury occurs in the hours of 8a.m to 9a.m and 3p.m and 6p.m on a weekday,which happens to be when children travel to and from school.
Kids Cross Safely is a campaign about the safety of children going to and from school in the UK. We want to ensure that schools have safe pedestrian crossings, the roads surrounding the schools have reduced speeds imposed and that there are clear safely marked routes to school.
Key Aims of Kids Cross Safely: Create safer routes for children travelling to school
Safe pedestrian crossings around schools
Reduced speed limits around schools
Raise awareness of Road Safety
Brake is a road safety charity.
Brake exists for a simple reason - because every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is killed in a road crash. Road deaths and injuries, the misery they cause, and the pollution of our planet by vehicles, are a shameful catastrophe that must end.

If you're concerned about a dangerous road, or cuts to road safety in your area (such as School Crossing Patrols), Brake’s mascot Zak the Zebra can help you. Thanks to sponsorship from Balfour Beatty Plant & Fleet Services, Brake's Zak the Zebra costume can be borrowed for a limited number of road safety campaigns and protests. If Zak visits, it can boost local awareness, as Brake will put together a press release and promote the visit to local media. Read about previous campaigns Zak has supported here. Zak can also attend educational or fundraising events, if you can cover postage costs.
GET INVOLVED: contact Zak today 
Tell Zak about your dangerous road or your road safety campaign by completing our quick online form at, or calling Zak’s hotline on 08000 687780, kindly operated by Irwin Mitchell. To book Zak for fundraising events email
The website for Dorset County Council
Maria McCarthy
A journalist who does work for the Motoring section of The Telegraph as well as other publications. She has been extremely helpful with media contacts and advice in this campaign. She has written a couple books about women and motoring. To find out more visit her:
Facebook page

Road Safety GB
Road Safety GB (formerly LARSOA) is a national road safety organisation that represents local government road safety teams across the UK.
Road Safety GB supports RSOs in fulfilling their statutory role - to reduce the number and severity of road accidents through education, training and publicity policies and programmes.
False Economy - Why Cuts are the Wrong Cure
False Economy is for everyone concerned about the impact of the government’s spending cuts on their community, their family or their job.
Living Street - Putting People First
Do you love your street? So do we.
We want to work with you to make the streets you live, work, shop and play in safe, attractive and enjoyable spaces. We've been doing just that, since 1929.We are all pedestrians, and our streets are the one public space we all use, everyday. At Living Streets, we think that they are worth fighting for. With our supporters, we work to create streets that really put people first. When we have streets we want to walk in, lives are transformed - we are healthier, happier and more sociable.