For those of you who wish to launch their own campaigns to save their School Crossing Patrols, we have various resources which you are free to use. It is relatively easy to set up a Google Blog but feel free to link to this site with any campaign you start.  I would be grateful if you are protesting in your own area of the country, that you let me know so I can inform others.

In Many County Councils across the UK it is now the requirement to discuss a petition subject in a full council meeting if the submitted Petition has more than 1000 signtures. If you submit a petition you will also be able to speak about the petition and put your case. Please check your individual county website and search for 'petitions' for exact terms.

Petition (Microsoft Word): This is the format which a petition to the county or borough council should take. It must include Full Name, Address/School, Signature, and age for those under 16 years old. Fill in the brackets with information relevant to your own campaign. All local authorities must have in place an e petition service which you can use alongside the paper one.
You can also view the Dorset Save our Lollipop People Petition (pdf file).

Poster (PDF): This is the Stop the Cuts poster. It can be displayed in schools or anywhere that a petition is available to sign.

Protest Letters (Microsoft Word): Here are some sample letters. These can be copied and pasted so you may personalise them before sending them on to a County Councillor or MP. We recommend that you add more personal information to the letters in order to make them more effective.
Road Safety Report
A report was published in March by PACT. (Parliamentry Advisory Council for Road Safety) The report called 'Tackling the Deficit' reports on the effects on national road safety in light of the cuts to spending.The report gives lots of background information and facts that are relevant and helpful to those protesting these cuts. Follow this link to read the full report.

Parliamentary Debate
Click here for a transcript of the debate about School Crossing Patrols in the House of Commons.

If you have trouble accessing any of these files feel free to contact us at