Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dorset Couty Council extends the consultation period by 3 months

DCC yesterday announced that they would be extending the period for consultation with local communities, parish councils, and schools regarding the funding of the School Crossing Patrols or the finding of volunteers. For BBC coverage click the Press tab.
In real terms this extension is meaningless and is simply a knee jerk reaction to the request by local MP Richard Drax for them to make the cuts elsewhere as he is concerned for the safety of the children. Extending the consultation period will just mean 3 extra months for volunteers not to come forward and unless there is a sudden unexpected and sharp upturn in the present economic situation there will still be no money available in local communities or schools to fund this service.
Is it fair that if by some slim chance one school manages to find funding and their children are safe and yet another school in a more deprived area is unable to find funding or by the nature of the area, volunteers, and the children there are knocked down, injured or killed?
The only solution is for DCC to continue to provide this service for all children across the county.

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