Friday, 17 June 2011

A BBC Survey

Local BBC reporters have been in touch with all 56 schools in Dorset that have school crossing patrols to ask if they are willing to pay for the service in the event that Dorset County Council cuts funding. Of the replies they received nearly 40 said no, 1 said they received local funding anyway and the rest were undecided. The BBC spoke to Peter Finney at County Hall who said that they weren't looking to cut the service but to find alternative funding. That in itself is a success, as the original stance was that the service will go unless non county funding is found. Mr Finney also suggested that funding might be sought by schools from local businesses. I agree that is an idea to look at but, it should not be for school staff/governor's to use their valuable time seeking funding which I know from personal experience is tedious and time-consuming, rather if that is the way County want to go they should set up a County Council paid group to seek funding for all schools from all over the County and in the current economic climate I think it will be a hard task to find money.

The whole report will be on three regions tonight at 6.30pm BBC South, BBC Southwest and BBC Bristol. This is prior to the next Planning Development Panel meeting on 27th June which is discussing the future of the service.

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