Monday, 8 August 2011

Petition the Government to stop Local Authorities cutting School Crossing Patrols

The Government's e-petition service has now been set up and a petition has been accepted from Save Our Lollipop People. This is the text of the petition ...
The Government should intervene to stop Local Authorities across the country cutting the School Crossing Patrol Service, which is not currently a statutory requirement. This is a matter of national road safety and should not be decided by local authority accountants. All evidence shows that removing the service will lead to injuries and deaths to young people. In the words of Prime Minister David Cameron, (when adding his support to the UN Decade of Action For Road Safety in May 2011): “Road accidents are still the leading cause of death for British teenagers and young adults – with the loss of six or seven people in road crashes every day.” Where a school crossing patrol is in place and meets the national criteria, Local Authorities should not be able to cut the service and endanger young lives.
This petition needs 100,000 signatures before the matter has to be debated in the House of Commons. Please follow this link and sign up to keep our children safe. 

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