Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Latest from Dorset

This afternoon the Dorset County Council, Planning Development Panel will meet for the third time to decide what will be done about the school crossing patrols. The plan back in December 2010 was to cut the whole service to save money. That would mean the loss of 68 Lollipop People across the county unless schools or local councils could find the money to fund the service themselves. To my knowledge none of the schools have offered to fund the service, not because they don't believe it is vital but because they believe the education budget should be for education and spending outside the school would mean less in the classroom. Neither am I aware of any local councils or communities who have spare money to fund this. Therefore, the ball is back in the court of the County Council. Will they really put the lives of the counties children at risk to save £200,000? I certainly hope not.

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