Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dorset Community Action

On Monday I was invited to take part in a A Dorset Community Action 'Surviving the Cuts' conference and workshops. I was there to share my experiences of campaigning and in particular using the social networking facilities to contact and inform. I hope therefore that those visiting this site as a result of Monday's conference have been inspired in some way. I was acutely aware whilst at the conference that it was directed at the large number of volunteering groups that exist in the county and provide invaluable services for everything from the homeless through to disabled; friends of the libraries; mental health support; and even Horses inform people. I on the other hand was there to talk about how I am campaigning to stop a service being turned over to volunteers because its not suitable. I did raise this with many that I talked to on the day and their unanimous opinion was that it was not a service that they would consider should be done by volunteers. I enjoyed the day and learned many useful things, some of which I wish I had learnt 2 months ago, but that's life! Thank you to the organisers who themselves have had their ranks depleted by cuts and I strongly advise anyone running a voluntary organisation within Dorset to make sure you utilise their help and advice.

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