Thursday, 17 March 2011

Yesterday in Parliament

A very big thank you to both Annette Brooke and Richard Drax, Dorset MPs for putting the case for the retention of the School Crossing Patrols so clearly and persuasively to Norman Baker the Under Secretary of State for Transport. I hope that Dorset County Councillors pay attention to the recommendation of the Minister that they use central guidance on Best Practice with regard to road safety and take their road safety responsibilities very seriously as well as listening to the comments and concerns of Ms Brooke and Mr Drax. To watch the debate follow this link
The debate starts at about 16.50. The recommendations of the minister are relevant to every County Council or Town Council across the country who is contemplating these cuts. It is up to everyone to bring these recommendations to the notice of their local MPs and Councillors. Common sense may yet prevail.

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