Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Parliamentary Advisory Council For Transport Safety (PACT)

A report has just been published by PACT. The report called 'Tackling the Deficit' reports on the effects on national road safety in light of the cuts to spending. This is a summary of the report.
Budget cuts threaten to reverse road casualty reduction
Britain should be braced for a possible increase in the number of road deaths because of cuts to the road safety budget and traffic growth caused by economic recovery.
Nine out of ten road safety professionals think reduced spending is going to harm road safety projects and over half believe a loss of expertise will mean there will be no further falls in the number of casualties.
When asked for their more detailed opinion a number of respondents wrote that they feared the amount of those killed and injured could actually rise.
The report concludes it is vital that government sets out a firm strategy for road safety over the next decade in its forthcoming Strategic Road Safety Framework. The previous ten-year plan came to an end in March 2010. A strong commitment from central government to preventing death and injury on the roads will encourage councils to spend a fair share of their reduced budgets on cutting casualties rather than diverting it to other services which they believe better reflects the view in Whitehall.
 Follow this link to read the full report.

I am only a concerned mother but I think this advice is saying don't cut the lollipop people just to save money!

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